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  Escape to Hawaii  

Escape to the Hawaiian Islands, not just one, but all of them. 

What better way to see Hawaii than to be able to take one week and cruise the Hawaii and be able to visit all of the different islands.  You will not have to worry about changing hotels or catching planes from one island to another, just sit back and watch the islands go by.


From the first island, you are able to cruise to other islands and see ever thing from an active volcano.  You can almost feel the heat from the lava as it hits the ocean and sends off waves of steam.



Or at one of the other ports, you can live out your dream and dive down and personally see the tropical fish that live among the coral reefs just off the Hawaiian coast.


What are you waiting for?

Find your place in the sun and create your own Dream Vacation.  From the soft warm sand of the Pacific Ocean to the tropical forest, each experience can be yours.

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